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TIRTHA KB or known as Tirtha Sweden is a Swedish travel organizer company. Tirtha Sweden arranges travel for groups, special occasions, company outing to Indonesia for Scandinavian client.

With a strength background from the founders, Tirtha Sweden offer a customized, yet safe and convenient travel for its Client to Indonesia.

Our service includes airline flight tickets, travel plan, accommodation and transportation arrangements, building and other venue rental, photography and videography as part of event  documentation and personal travel organizer to make sure your event runs smoothly in Indonesia.


The founders are Simon Holmbring, a swede who has experience in customer relations and marketing in Sweden and Elizabeth Holmbring, an Indonesian who has experience in weddings, advertising and event organizer back when she was living in Jakarta and Bali.

With each specialties that they have from their experiences and background both in Sweden and Indonesia, they offer safety and convenient travel for client.

Our partners are selected based on our good network and relationships with them in the past. We have chosen to only cooperate with people that has vast experience in their field of business. They are selected because of their integrity and dedication to their business, and of course because they have the same vision like us, to ensure clients satisfaction in using our services.

Part of our team in Bali!

Our guarantee is to make our clients a pleasant journey, pleasant stay and bring back good memories from their stay in Indonesia. Enjoy Indonesia with Tirtha Sweden.


Tirtha Sweden: We will take care of your journey to Indonesia.